Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enjoi Bearings for the Sick Trick

Oh man, How did you land that sick trick? Enjoi Bearings make my board flip like crazy! If you had Enjoi Bearings you could land these crazy tricks also.

The Enjoi Brand has been a staple in the skate industry for over ten years and makes great quality and affordable products. Their bearings are no exception and with a retail price of $14.95, are a great buy for a skater on a tight budget. Playing into their quaky style, Enjoi Bearings come in a ten pack so you have a couple of extra bearings should anything happen to them while riding.

These Abec 7 Bearings will give you a smooth ride and last for quite a while. With proper care you can expect to get between 6-12 months of use from the set and with the two extra bearings included, if something happens to one or two, you don't have to replace the entire set. Overall, this is a great set of skateboard bearings that will not let you down!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anti-Hero Skateboards Summer 2013

The New 2013 Summer Anti Hero Decks just dropped and they look really good. With some classic Anti Hero Styling, these will probably sell out pretty quick. 
Anti Hero has been creating some of the best skateboard graphics for the past 10 years and their decks are a really solid material. If you want to put some wear and tear on a deck and know it will be there for you then this is the line. The 2013 Summer Anti Hero Skateboard line has some Cool Runnings throwback Decks, Student Driver Price Points that retail for $34.95 and a couple new Eagalize It decks.